Sunday, May 12, 2013

Personal Training - for Overall Fitness

Fitness begins with a good foundation.  If your foundation is flawed (due to sitting at a desk job for many years, or wearing high heels day after day, or just the overall aging process) -- then any fitness you attempt to achieve (without making corrections) will be flawed as well.   

As a Certified Personal Trainer - I will first assess your overall "foundation" -- to determine where any muscle or joint imbalances occur.   Based on this assessment, we will review the results - and then I will prepare an exercise program - customized just for you.   The exercise program will address any muscle or joint imbalances, and will integrate elements to improve flexibility, cardio, core strengthening, weight training and an infusion of drills to keep you light on your feet.  I will keep your body "guessing" -- with workouts that are ever changing, fun, and yet challenging.   See rates and options.  

Posture, Movement & Performance Assessment  
-- complete analysis of your strengths and muscular weaknesses
-- recommendations on correcting weaknesses or imbalances that may impact your running
-- provide you with a plan to help you achieve your athletic performance goals

Develop a Custom Exercise Plan  
-- addresses any joint / muscular weaknesses
-- incorporate your long term goals -- into an attainable daily plan
-- builds on your strengths
-- builds on keeping the routine fun, engaging, and challenging
-- guides you on how to body sense and maintain your good posture
-- strength development and stretching techniques to reduce or avoid injuries

Review and Revise
-- gauge progress and continue the plan / or revise as necessary
-- see the fitness results
-- add new goals to the fitness plan

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