Saturday, May 11, 2013

Personal Training -- for Skaters

Whether you are a roller derby quad skater, or inline enthusiast - skaters need to have a strong set of balance, core, cardio and agility skills to excel at this sport.   I will design a custom integrated exercise curriculum that incorporates your joint mechanics with interval training to build explosive power.  A strong core, balance and hip abductors are key to skating success.  See rates and options.

Individual Posture & Technique Assessment  
-- complete analysis of your strengths and muscular weaknesses
-- recommendations on correcting weaknesses or imbalances 
-- provide you with a plan to help you achieve your skating goals

Sailing Balance-Agility-and Strength Conditioning   
-- muscle endurance
-- agility, speed and quickness
-- improving your reaction time
-- strengthen your core to improve balance in unstable conditions
-- balance and flexibility training to avoid injuries 
-- drills to improve explosive power and sustain high end cardio

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