Saturday, May 11, 2013

Personal Training -- for Sailors

Sailing requires a unique combination of balance, a strong core to maintain that balance, and overall strength to hoist and trim sails.   To be your seaworthy best, requires specific fitness training that includes flexibility, agility, core strength and explosive strength.  PT for Sailing sessions helps you - the sailor -  by correcting muscle imbalances that may have been acquired over time, to building a solid foundation to help you "power" your sails!   See rates and options.  

Individual Posture & Technique Assessment  
-- complete analysis of your strengths and muscular weaknesses
-- recommendations on correcting weaknesses or imbalances 
-- provide you with a plan to help you achieve your seaworthy goals

Sailing Balance-Agility-and Strength Conditioning   
-- muscle endurance
-- agility, speed and quickness
-- improving your reaction time
-- strengthen your core to improve sail handling
-- balance and flexibility training to avoid injuries during rough seas
-- drills to improve explosive power

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