Saturday, May 11, 2013

Personal Training -- for Tennis Players

Tennis is a one of the few sports that combines disciplines from speed, quickness, agility, power, endurance and mental toughness.  To be your best in tennis, requires specific training that includes flexibility, strength, cardio and a strong core.   PT for Tennis sessions will help you correct muscle imbalances from over-stress (repetitive motions) and technique tweaks and drills to improve your game.  All sessions are performed on-court.   See rates and options.  

Individual Posture & Technique Assessment  
-- complete analysis of your strengths and muscular weaknesses
-- recommendations on correcting weaknesses or imbalances that may impact your running
-- provide you with a plan to help you achieve your athletic performance goals

Tennis Conditioning and Technique development  
-- muscle endurance
-- agility, speed and quickness
-- improving your reaction time
-- anticipate faster
-- strength development and stretching to reduce injuries
-- drills to reinforce sustainable technique
-- how to baby step your muscle memory changes

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